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The North West Education System has been created with a view to set up educational institutions for under graduate, graduate and post graduate studies at various places and cities and to introduce and maintain the highest level of academic standards for such institutions. The North West Education System has been established a uniform system of curricula, co curricular activities, examination system and an overall administrative setup to control the affairs of all the attached institutions. By now there are five campuses with the expected intake of about 2000 students in year 2006-07. All branches of the Khyber College group shall ultimately be the subordinate institution of the North West Education System.

Training is part of our introductory lessons. Strong networks and outstanding IT Team would enable all students to be automatically experts in all fields of communication. A student doesn't need to bring lot of papers, though he may take a few notes if he needs clarifications.

Our Educational Institutions


Couple of years back management ofthis Institutionhas been taken over by the North Westeducation Systems which was established around 5 years back. The college is famous for running BBA, MBA, and B-ED classes in affiliation with Malakand University. Equipped with fine labs, libraries and nice class rooms is run by professionally expert teachers. After take over by the North West Systems, students would get advantage of the use of the libraries of the Network and can interact with the more experienced Faculty of the Network.


Another accomplishment of Khyber College has been achieved, as Hayatabad Sciences Degree College is now working under the propitious guidance of KCCM and Northwest Educational Trust which is the hub of educational activities. Both these are renowned for their excellent educational performance record.

Hayatabad Sciences Degree College is a premier institution, providing elementary as well as advanced business, management and computer science education to enable the students to become successful

Business executives. Alongwith other existing academic programs Khyber College is now offering BCS programs at its new branch HSDC. At HSDC students not only get the basic financial and economic knowledge but also get the philosophy of how things are planned, executed and controlled.


Abacus College of Business and Commerce was started in the year 1999. The main objective of launching ACBC is to provide quality education at an affordable price in this region, in an educational environment in which the process of learning can be exciting. The college specializes courses in commerce.


Children have amazing abilities and qualities and possess an intrinsic desire to explore, discover and learn about their world. The best learning age according to the researchers is age 3 to 10. In order to educate a child in perfection attention is needed since he starts playing. With this objective Khyber Institute for Children was set up. The school provides facility to enroll students for Pre-school, Play group, Nursery till secondary school. Management feels the student coming from our own education system shall prove to be the best in all academic and social fields. Khyber Institute for children has been established with a view to meet the ever increasing needs of education in NWFP. The mission and policy of the Institution, however is the focus on quality rather than quantity. We believe it is our duty to develop qualities of Honesty, Tolerance and Integrity to encourage boys and girls to take account of the needs, feeling and interest of others and to accept the challenge of responsibility. It is our responsibility to help the students, prepare them for the challenges that lie ahead and to promote wisdom and learning based on Islamic values.


This campus previously known as British school & college has been acquired during 2006 with the sole objective to provide education to all ages, right from childhood till undergraduate. Location is on Main Warsak Road in beautiful purpose built class building.

The School is organized into many departments. Preschool, Biology, Chemistry, English, Mathematics, Urdu, Social Studies, Islamiat, Arts, Physics and Social Work, Classes for Pre-school. Class-I till metric/O level. The same premise has the facility for FA, FSC and FCS undergraduate program.